Training and certification

THERE IS CURRENTLY NO TRAINING PLANNED - if you wish to join a training, please contact us on phone +420 607 865 631.

Why to attend a training?
  • You will have an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills and train your already gained.
  • Training is both theoretical and practical. In theoretical part you will gain detailed information about both solar panels industry and about cleaning the solar panels. Additionaly even tips and tricks about handling your customers or offers or how to handle problems in the field.
  • Training participation is nescessary for gaining solarjob certificate and tags. This certificate can be gained only by companies attending the training and passing the solarjob exam.
  • Your new experience and certificate will help you to gain new customers and secure your market position.
  • Training and certification is not expensive, however it is not easy to pass the exam. This is not a "buy certificate", you have to earn it. 
How does the training day looks like?
  • Training is a one-day workshop
  • First part is a theoretical lecture regarding photovoltaics and practical examples from praxis made by Ing. Květoslav Mikulenka (expert witness in photovoltaics), and theoretical lecture regarding cleaning made by Bc. Vojtěch Ottomanský
  • Second part is a practical part, where you can observe and train cleaning in praxis - you will be tought how to clean properly, what are security issues and how to prevent damage to panels.
  • Refreshments in price
Conditions and terms
  • Attendance fee 5.000,- Kč.
  • Max 2 persons per company.
  • Additional persons costs additional fee 1000,- Kč.
  • Attending company does not have to be registered on web portal solarjob yet.
  • Company has to prove, that it is in possesion of corresponding cleaning technology (Qleen) for solar panles.
  • Company has to fill out a simple form with names of attending workers and sign general terms and agreements (storno costs, insurance, etc.)
  • Attending workers must behave correctly (no disturbing, phone calls, etc. during lectures), otherwise they can be expeled from the training withouth any compensation.
  • Solarjob certification exam will take place after training (date will be given on day of training or prefer to it)
  • Exam has two parts:
    • Theoretical test -  written test - only questions regarding information gained during the lecture or from given materials will be used
    • Practical test - on the field - company has to clean part of a powerplant - security, time and quality of service will be evaluated.
  • Fee for certification exam is 3.500,- Kč.
  • Fee for certification exam does not mean, you will gain the certificate, if you will fail the exam, your fee will expire. 
  • If a company fails certification exam it will be given 50% discount for next try.
  • Exam can take place not less then 7 days after the training and no more then 30 days after the training.
  • Company has to finish an exam in 6 month after the training, otherwise it has to attend the training again in order to be able to sign up for a certification exam.

Every new company added to this project means better and more proffesional industry! Offer your services in quality and good price!